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A Bad Goodbye

by Bad George 364 views


Black comedy done well is always enjoyable and this film proved that - funny and dark, it had thrills, chills and made great use of some local scenery - all bought to life by a vast and enthusiastic cast.

Very enjoyable film. I think this got the most laughs of any film in this heat. Very funny. Nice story, well shot. I'd say it's a contender for regional finals.

Excellent. Great story line . Beginning, Middle and End:)) Funny and we loved the end A group to watch and to be inspired by.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A couple trying to get a corpse to a funeral have a really bad day. This short had a promising beginning with a well-executed set-up that was delivered by a couple of really interesting characters. The acting of "the corpse" was also something to enjoy, especially when he was jolted back and forth in the car. Funny! I thought some of the set-pieces dragged a little - especially the body being put in the cart and so a tighter edit may have helped with the overall pace of the film through the middle. I think too that there was a little too much music used to differentiate scenes where no music at all would have added to the situation - the bus stop for example, which also could have done without any dialogue and just relied on the expressions/reactions of the actors. A lot achieved in this short though and an enjoyable, coherent story was delivered. Nice job!

Default Avatar Frank Sabotka

Saw this film at the hamilton finals and thought it was one of the top shorts. Great idea of losing the body and I thought this suited the genre really well. Some really funny and original set pieces for the body to go through and I thought the two main leads really did well with there reactions. The scenes at the bus stop could have been trimmed a little I thought. The ending was great, I could see it coming being that I'm from hamilton and the composition of the shot but I still thought it was reLly funny. Deserved to be in the finals.

Damn, this was funny. Really liked the domino effect of bad luck that kept the comedy rolling in this - the theft, the trolley, the hilarious Siri - culminating to a banger of an end gag. It's a pity about the sound mix, as it was hard to hear some of the dialogue and the super soft music didn't quite mesh with the edginess of the black comedy. Nevertheless, a very strong, inventive short had had me laughing more than most 48Hours shorts.

Great! I loved it, so many great moments of farce and hilarity. I loved the way the story unfolded. Great acting and well put together. I thought the using Google Now (or Siri) for advice on disposal of the body was really funny, and the funeral service itself. The juxtaposition of them celebrating finding the body with the dismay of the other attendees was great. Used the genre well, really enjoyed the film!

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