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Tinfoil Hat

by The Bad George 248 views


The theme of the night for me - sound levels this seemed to be a problem with a lot of films in this heat, and no i do not mean the distortion of the speakers in the venue :( The volume of elements, especially dialogue in relationship to each other was a bit off. I did like the slightly distorted voice of teh guy on the other end of the phone. I thought that worked well, and fitted the theme. There were a few shots that were overused in my opinion. For example, the overhead shot of the umbrellas, followed by reaching out to grab the shoulder. these went on a little too long. Also I seem to recognize the storyline from somewhere?

Some really nice, well thought-out shots. The story was entertaining and kept me watching. And the acting was solid. A few tech issues though - the dialog audio was a bit low in comparison to the music, which caused me to miss more than a few words. And I noticed a few jump cuts and some out of sync audio. Not sure if the jump cuts were the style you were going for, but they distracted me. But in general, great effort and well done!

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