Win $5000 with the OPPO48 Award

Posted 14th June 2022


OPPO has partnered with the Vista Foundation 48Hours to bring the new OPPO48 Award with an impressive top prize of NZ$5,000!. 

OPPO are big fans of the legacy of the Vista Foundation 48Hours. The OPPO48 award is designed to showcase mobile phone filming in Aotearoa.

OPPO New Zealand’s Managing Director, Morgan Halim, says “We’re excited to see the OPPO Find X5 Pro in the hands of filmmakers who can show off the filming capabilities of the phone in a spectacular way and we can't wait to see their creations come to life.”

How do you enter with an OPPO phone?

If you have your own OPPO phone you can register a team and tick the OPPO48 tick-box in the online wrap-up form over the shoot weekend to be eligible for the $5000 prize.

Please download and include this end frame on your film for 5 seconds.


You don't have an OPPO Phone?

We have ten OPPO Find X5 Pro phones to lend to selected teams for the shoot weekend to compete in the OPPO48 Award. So register a team, then email us your request to use one of the ten OPPO Find X5 Pro phones we have to lend out for the shoot weekend.

You will need to email 48Hours with your request by July 15th.


What do I have to do to be eligible for the $5,000 OPPO48 Award?

The competition process works as normal, the only criteria is that your film is shot entirely with an OPPO phone. You need to tick the OPPO48 Award tick-box in the wrap-up form.

Your film will be eligible for all the other awards, including winning the whole competition!

How does my team win?

The judging criteria is the same as the main competition. We will be looking for the best short film shot over the shoot weekend on an OPPO phone.

Terms and Conditions:

To be eligible for the 2022 OPPO48 Award:

  • Teams must be registered in the 2022 Vista Foundation 48Hours competition.
  • Teams must follow all the Vista Foundation 48Hours rules and regulations, films that are disqualified will not be eligible for the OPPO48 award.
  • Teams must shoot their entire film on an OPPO phone. Please note that teams will not be able to use stock footage or animation in their films if they want to be eligible for the OPPO48 award.
  • Teams must indicate that their film is eligible for the OPPO48 award on the online wrap up form.
  • Teams must be able to provide evidence their film was filmed on an OPPO phone of requests - this includes images of the filming process and files so we can check metadata.
  • Teams must include the supplied end frame (shot on OPPO) for 5 seconds at the end of their film. This does not count towards the running time limit.