The weekend's over... What happens now?

Posted 13th May 2018

Congratulations on a fantastic weekend - It was great to see so many teams make the finish line.

So what do you do now?

Its time to get some sleep and tomorrow upload your photos with the hashtag #hp48 and share your stories online.

If you're running really late then you can still get your film screened at the heats - you'll need to contact your city manager and arrange uploading the file to them. You'll need to do this asap.

What are we up to?

This is when all the city manager's work really begins. Over the next few days we'll be checking all your files to make sure they work. If there are any issues we will get in touch with your team leader.

We will be working hard compiling all the heats and getting together a shortlist for the judges. You can find your heats date/times here. 


The judging criteria is posted on our website here, and you can see who the judges are in each region at the bottom of each city's city info page here. 


If your film was handed in late then you will be disqualified. Films who are in on time will be checked and if there are any issues then the city manager will be in touch with you before your film screens in your heat. 


  • Don't put your film online until after the city finals announcements - See rule 10.
  • If you have questions contact your city manager - all our contacts are online here.
  • Keep your eye out for city finals tickets - they'll be on sale soon.

Thanks for being a part of the competition - we can't wait to watch all your films.