Screening Room Tips

Posted 14th May 2020

The 48Hours team does not upload your 48hour film for you, we let teams upload their own films so here are some tips:

The screening room accepts URL from Youtube or Vimeo. So you will need to upload it there first, in the spirit of the competition please use the version of the film that you submitted.

If you would like to add your film to the screening room - your team leader needs to register on the screening room using the email they registered with. Registering for the screening room is different from registering for the competition.

Once registered you need to fill in the form and add your film's YouTube or Vimeo URL link.

This bit is important - choose 'Lockdown - All Cities' from the dropdown menu rather than Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch etc.

You also need an image to represent your film - choose something that will catch attention.

You should include a short synopsis to your film which will be displayed underneath it.


Reviews - Anyone can write a review but you need to register as a user first. This will also allow you to participate in our 48hours forum.

Please keep it positive and constructive - teams all really appreciate a review of their film, so get amongst it and write reviews on the films you watch.


The screening room is brand new and we would still like to upgrade some features but right now money is tight so we are creating a wish list for future budgets.