Future Filmmakers Workshops

Posted 12th May 2022


Venue: Massey University - College of Creative Arts (COCA) - Block 12: Room B09 - The Pit - Registration link

Tuesday 14th June, 4:00pm - 8.30pm

This event is sponsored by Massey University - College of Creative Arts (COCA)


Venue: Petridish, 8 Stafford Street - Free Registration Link

Tuesday 21st June, 4:00pm - 8.30pm


Venue: The Exchange XCHC, 376 Wilsons Rd - Free Registration Link

Wednesday 22nd June, 4:00pm - 8.30pm


Venue: Govett-Brewster Art Gallery | Len Lye Centre - Free Registration link.

Tuesday 28th June, 4:00pm - 8.30pm

This event is sponsored by Govett-Brewster Art Gallery | Len Lye Centre.


Venue: Panama Square, 4 Garden Place, Hamilton - Free Registration Link

Wednesday 29th June, 4:00pm - 8.30pm

Director: Calvin Sang

Bay of Plenty

Venue: Tauranga Yacht & Power Boat Club, 90 Keith Allen Drive, Tauranga - Free Registration link.

Thursday 30th June, 4:00pm - 8:30pm


Venue: Rāngai Studios, 235 Gladstone Road, Gisborne - Free Registration link.

Saturday 2nd July, 4:00pm - 8.30pm

Future Filmmakers Workshops

The Vista Foundation 48Hours is coming to your region to run a half-day workshop designed to up-skill filmmakers and a networking event to connect with the local film community.

Filmmakers, creatives, and teachers will have the chance to sharpen their short filmmaking skills in preparation for the Vista Foundation 48Hours in 2022.   

This creative workshop will be in 3 parts: the first part is all about producing a film project and will be run by VF48Hours managers Ness Patea and Ruth Korver. In the 2nd part of the workshop, experienced writer Duncan Sarkies will offer some tools for generating story ideas and lead a creative writing workshop. In the third section, we will invite a local director for a 40-min Q & A session which will be hosted by Dale Corlett from the Te Tumu Whakaata Taonga/ New Zealand Film Commission.

We will finish the day with a networking event to meet and connect with local filmmakers and talk about film! Our aim is to bring the Vista Foundation 48Hours to the regions and to provide a professional development opportunity and an experience that will inspire local filmmakers.

Please register for these events. 

The Vista Foundation 48Hours is presented in association with Te Tuma Whakaata Taonga / New Zealand Film Commission.