2019 Dates and the Vista Foundation

Posted 30th April 2019

We know you all have been patiently waiting on the edge of your seats for the dates for the 2019 48Hours. The good news is that the time is finally here, a drum-roll please, here are your 2019 dates.

After a fantastic 3-year run with HP, we done some work to secure a new sponsor for the competition so we can keep making fast and furious films over a weekend. We have found a great sponsorship match for the competition and are happy to announce the Vista Foundation is keeping our great competition in the game. We would also like to give the New Zealand Film Commission a big holler for their funding.

From the Vista Foundation

The principal aim of the Vista Foundation is to foster a viable, successful, and inclusive local film industry in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Support for 48Hours meets the Foundation’s aims by providing a platform and opportunities for many teams of new, emerging and experienced filmmakers to create and present film, and to promote the art of filmmaking.

While extending their skills in writing, directing and producing, 48Hours introduces a large group of participants to a very exciting event for the NZ film industry, and the potential vocations within it.

Over 16 years 48Hours has become a proud New Zealand tradition with more than 10,000 filmmakers having participated. The event has become a very important experience for New Zealand filmmakers and the Vista Foundation is proud to ensure its preservation for 2019. 

Ross Churchouse  -  Chairman - The Vista Foundation