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Auckland Heat 14

I was wondering the same thing. I enjoyed this film, but it was not on the online voting list so how did it get a place?

2017 - ADAD2: The Wizarding - Crime Ultra - Model spaceships

Two Big Tools
2016 - Mind Camp - Dystonia Film - Best acting role of my career next to 'homeless man' and 'pervert in strip club'.
2015 - A Dame A Dozen - Mystery Film - Stunt cock!
2014 - 20q - Mystery Film - fastest prosthetic turnover ever!
2012 - The Brick - Superhero Film - First of many blood farts, first speaking role.

Can't team name remember anymore
Sky and the old gang
2011 - Cant for the life of me remember the name but Sam will!
Sweet Shop guys
2004 - Heartland - Mikey Havoc's Mono-brow, and first of many, many blood squirts.