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When are the Grand Final nominees announced?

Does anybody know when the Grand Final nominees are going to be announced?

Curious in Queenstown,

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Andrew Todd
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Probably sometime after all the City Winners are announced and sometime before the national finals.

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I dont understand ? you have to announce the finalists and the wildcards before the final, you cant have the final and announce the winners and then after this announce all the nominees, it dosnt make sense ?


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in reply to Captain Woodrow .F Call:

Yes that's what Andrew said.

The grand finalists will be announced AFTER the city winners have all been announced - the last of which is Christchurch on the 8th of May - and BEFORE the grand final itself which takes place on 30 May.

I have no inside knowledge, but I expect it will be quite soon after the 8th. (In fact I expect grand finalists have probably already been selected, but the wildcards might not have been.)

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Im just a humble ex ranger who wants to spend there twilight years looking after the heard up north, i dont understand all this stuff.


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^^^Probably the greatest post to ever happen on this forum.

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Said it before: Love the Captain. Greatest addition to the forum this year!

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