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So what was the story behind Lense Flare's burning house?

Unless it's a 'magician never reveals his tricks' type deal, I'm curious as to how LF secured a freakin' burning house for their film?

Did you call up the fire department and hope like hell there would be a fire that day? Or did you straight up burn down a house you owned?

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If I had to guess I would say that someone in the team had some good connections with the fire department featured in the film and that the house in the film was scheduled to be lit on fire for whatever reason so they were able to piggy back the shoot on top of it.

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Yeah, scheduled training exercise, surely. I guess that no matter what genre they got, the film would have incorporated a fire-department related theme because a) when you have a chance to get a sweet burning house shot into your film, you do it; and b) surely even if you've got connections, you can't bowl up to a fire department casually after 7pm on the Friday night and say "Can we tag along to your burning house thing tomorrow?" (I guess?)


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Heya, firstly I just have to say we are all still reeling from Friday night. Our whole team had unanomously picked Grand Cheval to take out first place and we were genuinely shocked at the final result, and so humbled to have been in the same running as films like Mi Amgio Mandarena, Flicker, Dead End Job The Ex and Dick Off which were some of our picks for the top spot contenders. Huge congrats to all the winning and nominated teams!

So re the burning house: in the week leading up to the 48 weekend our producer Rachael was researching how to possibly film a burning house for a music video concept we were going to shoot. She just boldly called up the NZ Fire Service and asked around about it.

From what i remember Rachel saying, It turned out that they do a controlled burn of a house for scientific research and training purposes every 5 years or so (Rachel correct me if I got this wrong!) and it happened to be "THIS COMING SATURDAY MORNING"

Because the music video wasn't due to shoot for a few weeks later, Rachel was at first disappointed the timing wouldn't work out,... but then had one of those bolt of lightning realisation moments!

It was an opportunity we couldn't pass up, BUT the whole team agreed on the Friday night that if we came up with a better idea that didn't have a burning house in it we would ditch it immediately. But we ended up going with one of our first ideas of the brainstorm session which is rare for us, also Johnnies Dad is a retired Fireman whose name we used for his character and he's wearing his Dads old uniform which is one of my favourite aspects of why we chose that story, not necessarily the burning house.

Needless to say the Fire Department were amazingly co-operative and open to us filming around them and their facilities. We are so so grateful.

...sorry for the long winded explanation!!! but that's the story behind it anyways!~


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Wow Jared that is amazing! Also congrats on the win! :)


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There will also be many 48Hours filmmakers keenly viewing Lense Flare's 'Behind the Scenes' video coverage for next year's competition.

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That's pretty awesome. Well done guys and nice one, NZ Fire Dept.


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That is very cool.

Can't wait till next year.
I'm thinking building demolition?

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Wrecking ball?

Thanks Jared - good to know. Lots of people ARE asking.

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