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NZ Mountain Film Festival

For those looking for their next thing to do, the NZ Mountain Film Festival is not to far away. 1 part I an editing competition, using reshot footage to create a 2 min piece of your choice.

It is $20 entrance fee and starts in just over a month. Check out http://mountainfilm.net.nz/competitions/film-editing/

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Well worth doing! It's a fun process and a real challenge getting footage and making something with it. And it's a good prize too... it helped me upgrade my camera system a couple years ago ;-)

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I've done it the last two years.
Got into the finals two years ago,
but didn't last year.

I, too, endorse it as a fun editing challenge.

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Yay, I made it through as a finalist for the second year running :) now just to wait till Tuesday when they top 3 are announced.