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Is 48 Hours discouraging team intros?

I was pretty disappointed that there was no Best Team Intro award this year, as it's a great light hearted award which gives even the least capable filmmakers a chance at fame.

I also noticed that a lot of teams didn't even have an intro this year, and the time restriction was cut down to 20 seconds to our team's dismay.

So is 48 Hours trying to phase out team intros entirely? If so, why? If not, why get rid of the award?

I love team intros and having the award available gives us the motivation to make something great out of it.

Would be interested to hear others thoughts on the matter.

P.S. huge congrats to all the ChCh winners! We would've come down for drinks but we had kids in the team, so Macas it was!

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Team Intros have become little more than a sort of practice session for teams. I ended up throwing an unused one on the front of my video but I didn't bother making one this year. There did seem to be a fair amount of them in my heat though.

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in reply to TheRealClose:

I was pretty disappointed that there was no Best Team Intro award this year, as it's a great light hearted award which gives even the least capable filmmakers a chance at fame.

I was disappointed about this too for the same reasons. Sure, it's not the most important and it was optional this year but some teams give it a lot of thought & effort while others just strike on something clever/opportunistic during the weekend. Both are awesome to see and it has been a sought after certificate.

Is it actually less award-worthy than "Best Disqualified"? Runs away very fast.

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Yeah I was really sad this award was gone this year. It has been progressively phased out over the last couple years. From being shortened tp 20secs to no award last year except for CHCH. I held out hope all the way last night that there would be a late nomination reel for the award. Sadly no :( if it is gone forever I now count myself very lucky to have won the last team intro certificate.

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We really enjoy doing the team intros as well- it gives us a good reason to meet up and try different ideas that don't necessary relate to our theme.

It also replaces the runaway microphone issues when teams got carried away with impromptu stand up/introduce the teams on the screening night.

We also received the award one year, which was crazy because I think it involved the least effort and was made after 6pm on the Sunday.

Last year the team made one without me even knowing which was funny because they delved into all kinds of nooks and orifices in my house and surprised me when I saw it. Like I needed more reason for laughing in the weekend!


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