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I keep thinking about this years character

Even though the competition is finished and my film is handed in with all my crews names misspelled in the online wrap up form I can't help but ponder the trait of the character this year. He's a liar but do you have to keep ramming home that he's a liar by showing him saying something and then showing how what he said isn't true? Potentially anything he says could be a lie like he could make a quip about another character which isn't true or comment about another characters chances, just one of those things that I keep thinking about.

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in reply to IctusMortem:

Look at some of those reviewers though. There are so many people there who only signed in to rate their own short 10, we should be grateful they even deign to glance at any of the other shorts in their heat. What a bunch of asses.

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in reply to themorgan:

Gotta say, I'm pretty disappointed in our heat - I deliberately reviewed every film in our heat EXCEPT ours for that very reason, and only one other person in the heat did reviews (for only 5 of the films).

Stink year for reviews.

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in reply to bexxgirl:

Gotta say, I'm pretty disappointed in our heat - I deliberately reviewed every film in our heat EXCEPT ours for that very reason, and only one other person in the heat did reviews (for only 5 of the films).

Stink year for reviews.

Same here :( I think there were possibly 3 or 4 school teams in our heat which might explain it... I have noticed the school teams don't really seem to do the review thing...


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in reply to bexxgirl:

I've found the tone of reviews this year to be overall a little different. It's been interesting to read a few reviews of folks heading to multiple heats, which is good to get a feel of a particular reviewers view of many different films from different heats rather just have one or two people review all for a particular region. It's good to see folks taking time to view other heats!

Going back to this year's character though... I feel we found an opportunity to use the character as part of the situation our characters were in... whereas with other years we were quite stumped with getting a character's trait into the film and felt it to be a bit tacked on (the fabricator will haunt me for years!). I feel the best way to do those traits is when it is part of the story and we can see those traits informing the story's momentum, rather than a character taking the time to label someone as a thing. I guess it all comes down to how much time you spend at the beginning of the competition figuring that out before moving ahead with your plans!

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in reply to bexxgirl:

Stink year for reviews.

Once the Wellington films go to the Screening Room, I promise I'll do some.

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We kept calling our character Morgan Freeman instead of Morgan Foster... so many takes!!


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in reply to CraigWB:

golden I misspelt names as well but ours are on the film titles