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How did you get your team name?

Would love to hear the stories behind all the personal jokes or Arrested Development references or whatever that inspired your team names!

Richard Martin

DRAGON V MOUSE - Team Leader
2019 - That Time of the Month - Time Travel (NOT ULTRA) - CHCH finalist
2018 - Baby on Board - Fish-Out-of-Water (ULTRA) - CHCH finalist
2017 - Grisly - Horror Comedy (ULTRA) - CHCH finalist + Best use of Character (A Female)
2016 - Trap - Cat & Mouse - CHCH Finalist + Best use of Tech Element
2015 - Repent - Last Person on Earth - CHCH Finalist
2014 - Bearly: A Revenge Movie - Revenge - CHCH Finalist + Best use of Tech Element
2013 - 'Trigger' - Converging Storyline
2012 - 'Elmerdale' - Fantasy Adventure
2011 - Refuge - One Room/Horror (We don't talk about this one)
2010 - 'Everything You Need To Know About Sex (But Were Too Thick To Realise)' - Sex Education - Audience Favourite
2009 - 'Behind Closed Doors' - Real Time

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Sam Spooner
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This year we decided to change our name because the old one was singling out myself and someone else as the main part of the team and we wanted to be more inclusive. To include everyone we had a meeting with the whole team to brainstorm a new one. After a few hours we hadn't landed on anything we liked, then the 3 year old daughter of our composer asked her uncle if he was going to work "tomorrow today" and it just felt perfect.

So yeah we let a 3 year old girl name our team and I don't regret it for a second.

2017 - ADAD2: The Wizarding - Crime Ultra
Two Big Tools
2016 - Mind Camp - Dystopian Film 3rd Audience Favorite, Winner of The Incredibly Strange Award(Auckland), nominated for Best Original Song(Auckland), nominated for The Incredibly Strange Award(National)
2015 - A Dame A Dozen - Mystery Film(but really all of the genres) 2nd Audience Favorite
2014 - 20q - Mystery Film 3rd Audience Favorite
2013 - NZSS - Converging Storylines Film 3rd Audience Favorite
2012 - The Brick - Superhero Film Audience Favorite First Equal

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There's a zine in the Hamilton library by a kid at Peachgrove Intermediate about his gang that turn up to school in a Bugatti supercharger, nuke school, get put in prison and then break out just to do it again. It's called Peachgrove Bad Boys - we can only hope to be half as badass as they are.
And DAMN HELL ASS KINGS is a Simpsons reference (from the one where the school model UN club gets stuck on a desert island and Homer starts an internet company)

Ham East Bad Boys // Kirikiriroa 2016-
DAMN HELL ASS KINGS // P┼Źneke 2012-2015

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TBALC / Team Moon

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I didn't realise you guys were so young!

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