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Easter Eggs

Did you place any hidden extras in your short film?

I was just watching one that my students made back and noticed that in the credits they acknowledge Nicky Brick in the film.


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One of my friends was sitting up high on a bar, snap-chatting
while we were shooting a scene
and I happened to catch him in the upper-left part of the frame.

It ended up being the best take, too,
so I used it in the final cut.
I was going to digitally remove him
but it's kind of funny to have him there for a few frames
so I credited him and washed my hands of it.

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We have a reflection of the director drinking V in a window.. It was unintentional, but we left it there because it's kind of cool.

We also have a director cameo most years.


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in reply to Sixfoot10:

In Pendulum, we had ton of fun making the funky music track. The distorted noise is Lucky's Monologue from Waiting for Godot. The laughter has a few inoffensive 'dirty words' quietly added.


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There are quite a few easter eggs in our short that were put there on purpose, I dont want to share anything till after the city finals though.

How stink would that be to be D.Qd from the the finals because of it. lol

This is a neat thread idea btw *_^

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Frosty Peterson
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There are quite a few in our short film. probably requires several views and pauses for some.
Even made references for old teams we have been involved in to spot as well.

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We have a fleeing extra taking his shirt off in the background of the scene, who is actually one of the directors.

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We have our soundie hiding in plain sight, right in the middle of frame... that no-one spotted until reviewing it for output right up to 7pm on Sunday.
Same thing happened with our 2007 film actually. Maybe it's a homage.


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in reply to Frosty Peterson:

There are quite a few in our short film. probably requires several views and pauses for some.
Even made references for old teams we have been involved in to spot as well.

Putting all the other teams from your heat in your film was a nice touch.

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I used to put gag lines in the credits, one year I did "James bond will return... oh wait wrong film" another year I did "I'm Jack Bauer and this is the longest weekend of my life" but for whatever reason I decided to stop after only doing it twice.

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