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Classic Bants (whats your best 48hour story?)

Thought i'd make a thread for people to share their most epic/horrible stories and lessons learnt from previous years.

I think smashing a sugar glass vase over our actors head was one of my favourites.

Always say your worst ideas out loud. you never know what will generate the first spark of an idea that turns into something great.

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In 2016 we handed in with about 4 minutes to spare. Could’ve easily been 30-40 if our DP hadn’t convinced us to use the highest possible export settings in Premiere.

So don’t do that. Just choose the YouTube 1080p preset and let it do its thing.

Also having an SSD to store footage on the next couple of years was a godsend.

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We had a character walk into the ocean to die. She walked. We filmed. Wellington. Southerly. Just as she got out of ear shot the battery died. Telling her when she returned that she needed to go again was tough. So impressed that she said yes.

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in reply to TheRealClose:

In 2016 we handed in with about 4 minutes to spare. Could’ve easily been 30-40 if our DP hadn’t convinced us to use the highest possible export settings in Premiere.


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in reply to TheRealClose:

In 2016 we handed in with about 4 minutes to spare.

Yo Ben I'ma let you finish, but in 2014 Les Cousins Dangereux handed in with only 30 seconds to spare, and we came runner up in Christchurch that year.

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Hmm, last year we made a musical even though we didn't have to and had never made a musical. We started shooting at 11:30pm Saturday (yes, almost Sunday) but managed to wrap by 4am, after about 51 takes of the final dance sequence and finally getting one where everyone did it right (I said right, not well, lol).

Don't recommend choreographing and teaching a bunch of non-dancers (including the choreographer) a dance between 3-4am after everyone's already had no sleep. Y'know, unless you want an extra challenge!

It was fun though. The one year I really thought it was going to be impossible to finish the film, but still got it handed in in the end :)

We didn't make it once, in like 2007, because we had an export back to miniDV tape fail 3 times and then had to drive through Auckland and missed it by about 1 minute!

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Well over 100kph run down Strickland street to hand in on time.... the runners smashed it - unfortunately he was sprinting as fast as he could to the door....while watching it close. 20 seconds late that year...picked up "best disqualified" Still an amazing weekend, everyone was still stoked, the beers flowed and we watched the film about 10 times with glee.

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