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Best deal on USB's for handing in your film

a little birdie told me that there wont be USB's provided at launch this year...

so I've had a little hunt around for the best deals on USB's ahead of the shoot weekend.

there are probably cheeper options out there but USB 3.0 seemed like a good idea. 48hours being time sensitive and all..

Harvey Norman have 16gb USB 3 SanDisk's (a brand you can trust) for $12 each

this pricing apparently ends on Monday, so I head out this weekend and pick up one or two.


If anyone finds a better deal sing out in the comments.

See Ant, I can be helpful too,

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Please for the sanity of your city managers buy USB 3.0!

High fives and jellybeans for those that do!*

*while stocks last

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I don't know you still want or not, but as you said you need a better deal, so yeah I have, I bought my from ReeCoupons $10, there are many others are available too, I recommend you once check there hope you will find.