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As a beginner, should I use Final Cut Pro (10.3) or the Adobe Premiere?

I want to learn how to edit and create a workflow as soon as possible because I will basically make the same kind of video over and over ( know that every video is different but you get what I meant).

I heard that the new version of Final Cut is really great and solved a lot of the issues that people had with older versions. I heard it's stable and its interface is great for the kind of work I want to do.

But Adobe Premiere has a ton of tutorials on YouTube.

I personally prefer the FPCX interface (used both trials) but I feel like I'm missing something since the community (tutorials) of Premiere is giant, especially when it comes to little tricks that change your whole workflow, usually for the best.

So, what should I do? Final Cut has a nice interface and everything seems easier, on the other hand, Premiere has a lot of tutorials and a bigger community where I could get help faster.



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The Final Cut Pro X tutorial community is hardly non existent. Larry Jordan, Macbreak Studio, and Ripple Training all make some fantastic stuff.

Personally I'd only ever recommend Final Cut but that's what I use. I haven't put a lot of effort into using Premiere since I haven't had any reason to use it much less any reason to cut anything on it. I just know that it seems to be widely used even though it seems to have a reputation for being highly unstable and is much, much slower than Final Cut Pro X.

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Apple iMovie, Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X could be reliable choices for beginners.


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in reply to Aplam:

spend an hour or four with each of them and see which gel's better for you. If you read enough stuff you'll find too many people are religiously stuck on one of the other and rubbish the one they don't use, but I say go with what works for your personal style.

Also have a look at blackmagic design's DaVinci Resolve - thats a really powerful editor and free (costs for some real top end features but you won't need that for 48s)

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From my experience, and this is the experience of someone who uses Premiere, Premiere is more prone to crashing, but is WAAAAY easier to get a grip of. In my opinon, Final Cut is something you sit down and work out how to use over the course of a couple of days, while Premiere is mostly self explanatory.

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Every editor we have had has used their personal favourite. As long as they know how to drive it, all should be well for you.

Personally I stick to Vegas due to it being born/based on an audio editing framework originally (my dark non-filmic background). My camera guy is totally Final Cut Pro. My effects friend is into Premiere - Horses for courses.

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If you have used imovie then go with Final Cut, it's imovie on steroids. I have used it for years and find it simple and fast. I work in a school and we have dumped our Macs for PC's and students now have to use Premier Pro and I get lost so many times. Final Cut is easier if you have a limited time for learning.

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