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Looking for Cast and Crew in Dunedin?

Kia Ora Koutou, I am starting this thread for people offering their skills or looking for cast and crew in the region of Dunedin. Please be specific about what you are looking for or offering. Let's get some teams made!

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If you're a first timer or new-ish repeater, this is for you!

Sweeping in low and (a little late) but still in plenty of time.
A 48 Hour Themed - Get Up To Speed - Workshop

Where: Tinker School, 347 North Road, NEV, Dunedin
When: Thursday, 6pm until 9.30pm (its going to be fast!)


This is for noobs and others in the 48 Hour Film Comp.
Film-makers, new to the comp, need to hit the ground, running.

How to get started quickly, writing your story,
"making characters do things in places",
Making the best of your available light, clean audio, and clever camera.

Using your Resource List, free resources, 'thinking outside the box',
and how to get your great 48hours film across the line in time.

Yeah, free/Koha. Wrap up warm, eh.

'Great big bites of easy, high result, skills for small, fast teams.'
"My favourite!"

formely 'treefrog', but I got better.

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Frog, been a while.
I cannot endorse these sorts of events.
I missed the one in Wellington and regret it.

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in reply to dramamike:


Evidently not long enough :-)

Yes, these things are great value. In site of what you say :-)

formely 'treefrog', but I got better.