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Looking for Cast and Crew in Christchurch?

Kia Ora Koutou, I am starting this thread for people offering their skills or looking for cast and crew in the region of Christchurch. Please be specific about what you are looking for or offering. Let's get some teams made!

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Looking for a DOP. We have props, locations, actors, editors etc but would love to have an experienced DOP to help sharpen up our look (If we do participate this year).

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Hi we are looking for Christians who want to join a Christian Team called Team Salt and Light.
Looking for Actors, photographer, Behind the scene camera operator, Makeup, Boom operator, etc
Raymond Lum
0800 FILMING 345 646

Raymond Lum
Sword Productions Ltd
0800 FILMING (345-6464)
027 63 SWORD (79673)
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Mato Thomas Hill
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Hey guys, I'm still looking for a editor and soundy for my team Dead Revivals. If anyone is interested please contact me at 0221939142


Sam Prebble
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Last minute call for actors/actresses, would love to hear from you! Flick me an email at wadaholic@gmail.com

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Hi, I’m available in Christchurch. There are many things I can offer, writing, acting, and more... contact me at 021 193 9332 if interested. Thank you and best of luck.