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Crew needed for exciting comedy short film!

Hi Everyone,

We are looking for a Cinematographer, Art Director, Makeup Artists, VFX and SFX artists to join our crew for an awesome short film we're making about wizards. It will be in a similar style to our latest (our 8th) 48 hour: but with much higher production values. We have the cast sorted and a lot of the crew but need to find the right people for these key roles. Please include some of your work (such as 48 hours), especially lighting if you're keen to DoP.

James & Kris (Brothers in Crime)

Brothers In Crime
2019 - Some Family Business - The Secret Identity Movie - 1st Place Audience Award
2018 - Pussy Pussy Pussy Pussy! - The Film That Spans More Than 10 Years (ULTRA) - 2nd Place Audience Award
2017 - Santa's Smoko - Christmas - LATE
2016 - Tane Huata: Puppet Hunter - Puppet Movie - AKL Finalist & 3rd Place Audience Award
2015 - The Greatest Gunman - Mystery
2014 - Kevin's Journey: A Quest For Half - Fantasy Adventure - AKL Finalist & Nominee of Best use of Line & 3rd Place Audience Award
2013 - Sons of Thunder - Fantasy/Adventure
2012 - BBS (Big Black Snake) - Superhero and Erotic Thriller - AKL Finalist & 2nd Place Audience Award
2011 - Guest - Horror - LATE
Used Body Productions
2010 - The Stomping Ground - Femme Fatale
2009 - I Woke Up This Morning - Mystery
2008 - The Time Machine - Time Travel - All Teen Team - LATE
2007 - A Whole Lotta Apple Sauce - Crime - Best One Liners

Mato Thomas Hill
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Hey, I'm a film director from Christchurch, I've just graduated Advanced Film-making with Distinction at ACG Yoobee School of Design Lvl 6. I'm interested in helping you out in any way possible, Be good to talk to you more about it. You can contact me by emailing me at Mato.hill@gmail.com