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Cast and Crews

  • A lot of starting out crews [correctly] spend a lot of the time leading up to the 48's getting all their technical stuff working, but… View Topic

    Last post by StarNow
    11:55AM, 6 Apr 2011
    1 response, 2546 views

  • I've been involved in past 48 hours projects with music and scriptwriting, and looking to be involved in some creative capacity. Links to past projects:… View Topic

    Last post by pearlmill
    02:01PM, 4 Apr 2011
    2 responses, 2418 views

  • G'day! Looking to join a Wellington-based team if you'd like an extra pair of hands. Previous experience working on several short films and TV docos,… View Topic

    Last post by Jeremy L Rae
    10:55AM, 3 Apr 2011
    0 responses, 1547 views

  • We are an Auckland based team looking for an Editir and Sound Recordist with their own gear. We have an editing suite at our disposal… View Topic

    Last post by sjpbaker
    10:52AM, 3 Apr 2011
    0 responses, 1405 views

  • Hey everyone, I'm still looking for a team to join up with in Wellington. I do mainly editing and motion GFX. See some of my… View Topic

    Last post by manvsbear
    02:17AM, 3 Apr 2011
    2 responses, 2620 views

  • With the clock now ticking (theoretically) the issue of crew sizes come up...well for me anyway. I've worked on flicks with crews from 2 to… View Topic

    Last post by NITRO
    01:07AM, 30 Mar 2011
    1 response, 2023 views

  • [article stolen from http://www.gregpak.com/filmhelp/index.html] How to Feed Your Crew Most people working on your micro-budgeted film or video are volunteers, paid nothing for their long… View Topic

    Last post by NITRO
    12:09AM, 30 Mar 2011
    0 responses, 1981 views