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Ness Patea
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Bay Of Plenty Winners

The Mugshots

Runner up
Candy Floss Cloud Productions

Poleland Productions

Candy Floss Cloud Productions

Keisha McDonald / The Mugshots

Female Director
Rose McMahon / Take Note of your Nearest Exit

Isaac Gunson / Te Puke High School

Beatrice Hudson / The Archetypes :

Best Editing
Letesha Stock / The Mugshots

Best Song
Ace Productions

Best Score
Fletcher Oxford and Alf Rose/Take Note of your Nearest Exit

Best Animation
Iron Eye Sees

Best Script
Alistair McMahon / Take Note of your Nearest Exit

Best Makeup
Lilybeth Melmont / Locke Lively

Best Use of Sound Element
Poleland Productions

Best Use of Physical element
Take Note of your Nearest Exit

Best use of Technical Element
Poleland Productions

Best use of Character

Best Disqualifed

2017 - 2019 - National Operations / Wellington City Manager
2016 - Wellington City Manager
2014 - 48 hours Blogger/Photographer
2012 - 48 hours Blogger/Photographer

Empire of Reason
2015 - Catch of the Day - Cat and Mouse

Traces of Nut
2013 - 'Sleeping Plot' - Crime - National WInner
2011 - 'Ruby Red' - Musical
2008 - 'Half a Horse' - Crime - Best DQed

Electric Pink Company
2010 - 'Fabricator' - Biopic
2009 - 'Electric Pink Company' - Dance