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by Daiso Ran

An impatient adventurer discovers a genie who teaches her that the true meaning of life isn't found in superficial wishes, but in the simplicity of just being.


A story about an adventuring gal in search for the "answer" its not what she expects but something she has truly longed for.

the cinematogprahy smooth and easy on the eyes. I like that you were able to keep the colours and mise-en-scen got me comfy. If theres anyway to enphasize a bottle thats exactly it. nice greens, did not require any fancy fantasy sounds.

next, the acting was genuine and relatable... that empty feeling of when your efforts turn into turmoil in seconds.

I loved the ending the ending too
a heartwarming resolve.

The best films leave you with a message and something to take away from it.

Great stuff, Daiso Ran!


RS Productions

I assume this is the same team as Daiso Run, who made the grand finalist film "Dubbed" a couple of years ago. Anyway when a magical bottle gets rubbed in a tunnel out comes an apparent genie. Only 3 wishes are not on the cards but a life lesson is.

This had a couple of decent locations, a smooth edit and nice lighting. Though from a cinematography POV the tunnel deviated between being really cinematic and quite flat for how it presented on screen. Audio was also hit and miss.

Good payoff and quite good performances. For mine this was overall good but not great.

The audience lapped this film up in the heats which wasn't surprising considering the beautiful expression it was of the voice of Daiso Ran (formerly Daiso Run). I love the messages of feel good hope and tranquil contemplation I've taken from the two entries I've seen so far from this team. I think this film was a little slow to start and get us as an audience in on the world you were building, because ultimately it was a funny, enjoyable one with a powerful and pertinent message. Can't wait to see you come back swinging next year team!!

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