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by Silver Noodle Soup

A couple arrive at their mid-renovations investment property only to be interrupted by a neighbour with an unusual interest.

Silver Noodle Soup is a Wellington-based theatre and film company of young disabled people.


Thoroughly enjoyed this entry. The performances were excellent; sassy, unhinged, and very funny.
Dialogue was snappy and had us laughing loudly at the absurdity.

Well done!

Great film! I agree with William, incredibly sassy performances that had the audience laughing nonstop. Chasing the car down the road was my favourite part, hilarious stuff.

PS - I wish I had the confidence to shut the door on my neighbour like that!

Fun film though not a fan of the fourth wall break.

one of my favourite 48 gems i've seen in a long time! What really happens when you let people just put themselves on screen and make things!
A simple story but delightfully unhinged.

This was by far my favourite film in its heat. Every performer felt like they were leaning into their strengths, and the drama was HIGH in every scene. Super fun to watch with a live audience as the plot twisted and turned.

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