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Somebody Someone KWinter

3 Entries and 8 Reviews


City Finalist


Underwater Dreams

City Finalist

If You See Them

Underwater Dreams

National Finalist


Underwater Dreams



Loved how the vibe built over the course of the film. Got to a place of being very truly unsettling. Dynamic camerawork did some really fun things. During the screening, my friend kept whispering "It's a metaphor".

A Shrimpossible Situation

I'm sorry that this was disqualified! Had good energy. Loved the gatekeeper.


This was by far my favourite film in its heat. Every performer felt like they were leaning into their strengths, and the drama was HIGH in every scene. Super fun to watch with a live audience as the plot twisted and turned.

This Body of Mine

The opening twist was killer. Took us through an emotional journey. Lead actor carried it well.

Galactic Cringe

Really enjoyed the dancing. Really enjoyed the caravans.

Lover's Got the Runs

This was very gorgeous and fun. The script was concise and witty and perfectly shaped for a 5-minute film. Church interior shots were especially SO good looking. Needing to poop with urgency is a relatable queer experience, as is dealing with barely suppressed homophobia from religious leaders. Really confident work from this team.

The Lurhman Brothers

I can't wait for this to be released so I can watch it again. Horror mockumentary is a STRONG genre to apply and this team did it so well. Effectively built up a palpable tension with narrative subtlety and unanswered questions that left the audience making up our own creepy interpretations. The last image had me CREEPED OUT and is still in my brain. Archival-looking imagery was really fun and well done.

Sweet herats

As a vegan I was shocked and taken aback.