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Great work Rebecca and team. Loved the shots out in the forest and the high stakes drama of your film!

Cool film! The shots did well to build suspense and I definitely felt stressed out for the characters! I did get a bit confused towards the end as to what was happening plot-wise, and the repeat 'I'm sorry' dialogue didn't help my slow brain figure it out...

2 lovers hide out in a safe house with an underlying threat hinted at throughout. Nicely shot, performed and edited but I would have loved to have seen some more character and plot development, as a few too many fill in the blanks for my liking.

Shes back!

Excited to see your team this year!!

The girls did a great job in keeping the suspense too and chemisty between the two girls was really believable.

Overall, some of the shots were a little too dark and came off a bit grainy. I was hoping there was a bit more to it but I did love the consistent mysterious and dark tone to the film.

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