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by Camera Child

The team at Infinity Tech completely missed the memo when the CEO arrives to deliver an important message.


Thought this was a total crackup, I really liked the pacing and the relatively large cast of characters. The film had tricky blocking and I liked the whip-pan cuts used to switch who was on-screen, but I wish there had been some more wide shots to establish the setting. The sweating special-effects were a nice touch and helped to keep Jason's hilariously low stakes rising. You guys know how to tell a story, it would be neat to see this team going all-out next year! Easy choice for one of my audience-choice favourites in Kirikiriroa heat 1.

Loved all the characters although did not love that he didnt get the doughnut in the end :(

Great work Kish and team! Thought it was pretty funny. The donut is super relatable

One of my audience faves for heat 1! This was a hilarious film and I'm so upset that Jason didn't get his donut. The chain of individual monologues (and similar-looking shots) did start getting repetitive, but the acting was engaging and I was hooked/with you the whole way. Also enjoyed how the acting made each character feel individual & unique to the others, even with a lovely big cast:)

Shooting in 4:3 for the tight office setting, a group of co-workers with seriously sidetracked thoughts offer us a strong contrast with their straitlaced CEO.

For me, this fell into one of the big tropes for 48 that just doesn't personally work; sitting around a table talking, but even worse being inner monologue driven without visual panache so we didn't really get to put ourselves in the characters shoes and relate.

Edits were ok, audio pretty good which was important to try and setup each characters personality based on the aforementioned diatribes coming from their heads that we needed to hear to understand.

A payoff of who is gonna get a donut though? Fairly light, though amusing.

This was hilarious!

it felt like an episodic bottle up where your trying to figure out who is going to lose it and who is going to walk out first.

Also I thought that you guys had cleverly wrote the characters, the jokes worked and acting was on point. The donut ending had me in chuckles.

Good stuff Kishan and the rest. :)

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