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Kahu and the Lost Orb

by Spring Onion

A pukeko filled with dreams of riches and glory goes on an adventure to find the village's missing magical orb.


An animated Planet of the Birds with designs of grandure and uprising leading where not all is as it seems. I can tell that this would have taken a great deal of effort to hand draw this over the weekend so I applaud you for that.
My personal take is that as grandiose as you went in scale for the world building of the birds, scaling it back given the lack of colour at times or using some highlights or visual fills would have focused the story a bit better, or perhaps scaling it back just a tad on the drawings and focusing more on animating what you did have? Played like a fun children's storybook as is but could have been even more impressive.

Loved this. Enjoyed the world building, characterisation, and the matchcut was really nice, did not expect that.

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