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The Goat

by the castle st couch burners

a wild misunderstanding, a great adventure


Yay so much fun! So many funny moments. That twist at the end and the surprise basketball shot? So good. The wizard is a comedic talent for sure. The plot was a bit loose, but hey, we were here for the jokes anyway, right? And they didn't disappoint!

This is a quite clever take on the genre (although I've seen a few of these people turning into animals films already this year) with some funny moments and a whole heap of silliness. The goat conversation was super painful but that was probably the objective. Nice work!

Quirky and creative short. When the transformation happened we were all cracking up! Well done :-)

So Funny! and my son has explained about being "goat" ! Loved it right from the title/team name

"You must solve my GPS instructions three." Hahahaha, this was a brilliant skit. Good stuff!

Basketball sure has grown in popularity around the world and in NZ lately and there's a lot of reasons why; the fashion, the (generally) non contact nature of the sport and fact they (the NBA) are so eager to let their intellectual property be shared means it's a social media generation's dream.

Of course it has extended to common vernacular such as 'Goat' no longer instantly calling to mind the billy goat's gruff, and here the double entendre plays hard with a teen out to git gud on the courts and lucking out on his Jack and the Beanstalk moment. Be careful what you wish for indeed.

Honestly this was well put together in terms of narrative plot and performances, though the audio mix fluctuated significantly in quality throughout the film. Obviously you were never going to have your lead high flying Teen Wolf style so probably a wise choice to veer towards the loss of humanity and focus on comedy.

Nicely done silly film overall.

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