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by Lezz Go


This is a really genius interpretation of a "match cut". Although the story felt like it had been unnaturally twisted into shape to be able to accommodate the cut (I'm imagining a character stopping someone from igniting a fuse by dramatically chopping the head of a lit match out of their fingertips).

Good utilization of the LED screen and fourth wall break scenario was very fun too. "Keep rolling, it's funny"

I am a SUCKER for film within a film done well in 48 hours, and whilst heavily leaning into one of the required elements for this year's competition, I think you did really well to subvert expectations, which trust me is absolutely huge with the judges.

Great performances, sensational lighting and a slick edit. Hard to complain but I feel there could have been a bit more emotional gravitas. Lead was outstanding but lack of consequence and a few too many fill in the blanks (imo) meant the weight of the situation didn't quite fully hit for me.

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