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Better Come Quick

by Comica Pictures

A young man gets himself into a sticky situation.


Really funny.
And perhaps more importantly a VERY strong ending (in a competition notorious for endings that are too often rushed or unsatisfying).
My gripe is relatively minor:
The match cut was well executed, quite satisfying to watch.
But it completely confused me. Visually, I was told that he was running and then he found a scooter which he began riding. It took quite while for me to realize we were now following a completely different character.
That aside, this is definitely one of the strongest school entries this year.

A bad memory, a bad stomach and a stolen car quickly escalate proceedings for a would be romantic who lets his partner down by missing their restaurant rendezvous.

Breakneck paced going for an AFTER HOURS homage, the payoff was decent but the camerawork was significantly juddery on multiple occasions, as well as losing camera focus, and the edit unclear in terms of narrative progression compared to what happened to the characters on screen.

What I like about this is it doesn't waste a lot of time at the start. One quick suggestive comment and a kind of race-against-the-clock is on with our protagonist then hindered by a number of obstacles looking to stop him reaching what he thinks is going to be a very special occasion. We don't get great dialogue, it's mostly a lot of running captured by some jerky hand-held work and the sound is pretty inconsistent but as Luke mentions above the ending is nailed. Our hero's removal of his clothes before even getting through the door is perhaps a little unrealistic but it is damn funny! What a great decision too, to just capture the expressions of those at the table. Our lead's final look is gold.

Great job!

What I liked:
A really strong narrative concept that was refreshingly simple and straight forward - something surprisingly rare for School Teams!

What I didn't like:
I think the main character should have flown over his lime scooter's handlebars when it was turned offline.

Something else I liked:
Really funny and nuanced performance from the lead - some of his vacant expressions or exasperated reactions were hilarious.

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