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An Outfit a Day

by Bruce's Babysitters


A man who is getting targeted for not following code. Fashion code, and it is illegal to wear the same outfit. Well just not as many times as he did.

I really liked the concept, I think if we could have given him motive it- even have those cops more intrusive would of sealed the deal for me.
I like how he was going back to doing the same things, it just reminds me of how 9-5 people are a routine that they're not even aware of.

What I liked:
A clever take on the crime genre that allowed you to create something unique.

What I didn't like:
I didn't feel like the outfits he switched to were any better than the one he was being convicted for!

Something else I liked:
The opening shot felt like such a deliberate visual recreation of any given Hot Ones episode and that made me laugh!

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