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Lotus Hotel

by Floodgate Pictures

A quiet getaway in the woods lasts a little longer than intended


The camerawork on this was something else! It's this wide angle lens that is absolutely stalking the character throughout the entire scene, after a few minutes I felt like I was the ghost haunting the Lotus Hotel

The basic concept of having someone trapped in. I guess a BNB or something until the next person comes around to replace them was a great choice for a 48-hour short film. I think the opening and closing of the film are reasonably strong, the ending more than the opening. I think it would have been stronger if you had opened with Jess opening the door. The only real issue with the film is the pacing, you skip what would be the interesting part of the film which is Jess slowly going insane as she comes to understand the "one in one-in-one-out" concept.

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