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From Beyond the Dog

by Team Spielberg

An unexpected message leads Sarah to meet a rival colleague, only to discover that he is dead and has a warning for her.


The immortality project, cursing and a blessing.

I'm wondering if immortality only a full succession side to it and is the end product not age at all. But we get a more interesting angle: like most experiments theres always side affects.

My only critique is that I feel there should of been a bit more to Charles and Thompson. Even show some of the labtesting.

I defintely love the concept, it also simply fitted the 5 minute time frame rather than trying to make it around it.

The framing, choice of shots were pretty good, I also want to point out was a nice consistency keeping it pretty dark and tight.

Great stuff. Toutai and his team :)

RS Productions


I'm wondering if this immortality would have a full succession side to it and would the end product not to age at all? *

Sorry brain is fried. LOL

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