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Fist Puncher and Foot Kicker

by Terribly Awesome Ideas

In the microcosmic metropolis of Blenheim, crime is on the rise faster than the price of tasty cheese. Two 'realistic proportioned' super heroes Fist Puncher and Foot Kicker take the fight to the criminals. Together they will kick ass and punch... also ass... I guess


Such a good twist on the crime genre. Very good comedy and really well done. A very exceptional film that stood out and holds a special place in my heart. 9.9/10

Fist Puncher and Foot Kicker is a lot of fun, and, while I've been told teams hate it when I bring this up, it very nearly made the shortlist.

The comedy is great, delivered confidently faux-poorly by the leads, and the plot is maybe a little too simple but delivers on a basic story. The characters covered in pasta at the end looked great, as did the cave location where they had their final confrontation.

While ultimately just falling short of the top 25 (mainly because the rest of the lineup was stronger as opposed to anything being too wrong in this film), I think it's a good time. Although, maybe a bit too Gen X for my young Millennial tastes, which isn't always something that bothers me and certainly doesn't factor into judging, but the vaguely 80s low-budget throwback is a sub-genre I have never really enjoyed seeing all that much. Yeah its funny, yeah the tight suits are funny, yeah the wigs are funny, yeah the line deliveries are funny, but I think they were funnier ten years ago than they are now.

The most egregious use of dated humour was basing the whole plot around the flying spaghetti monster, an edgy atheist meme from, what, 2008? 2009? I didn't like the use of this, mainly because it's a dead meme, but also because I think the film would have just been better with an original monster. It could even still be a spaghetti monster! Tying it to a specific internet joke just brought back 4Chan flashbacks I'd rather forget. Hahah.

Points to you for some interesting locations, it was good to get a tour of Blenhiem.

Challenge for next year: I think with just a smidge more production value, maybe some sharper cinematography, a film with this sense of humour would be too engaging to ignore. I could see you making the finals next year if you step things up to the next level :)

As these characters feature in a series of PSAs on a Fist Puncher & Foot Kicker YouTube channel (started on April 1st no less), it's safe to say that the actors are pretty comfortable in these roles.

There're some moments of humour that land and some clever wordplay, especially during the gate-stealing sequence. Props too for filming at night. While the performances are delivered precisely in the style you were after I feel this doesn't help my main issue with the film - it just feels so damn slow. Nothing seems to be in a hurry, including the fight scenes and so this 5 minute short seems twice that. The deliberately painful dialogue therefore just does not help.

Loved the final shot with the remains of the Spaghetti Monster slithering away and this is a film that will hit the spot for many people as they'll totally dig the awkward kiwi humour. Nice work!

Pastafarian Productions is flattered you used the Flying Spaghetti Monster in your film, but not so sure about your treatment of it 🤔... Haha. Unlike the others, however, I (clearly) think the flying spaghetti monster is always relevant 😂

A generally entertaining watch, with some great lines in the script that made me laugh out loud. It looked like you had heaps of fun making this! I agree with some of the other comments about pacing and that a little more of a sense of urgency would draw me into the story and the stakes a bit more.

Otherwise a great effort and a lot of fun!

May you be blessed by his noodly appendage 🍝

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