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The Milkman


He's my hero Dad


What are you going to do when you actors abandon ship in 48 Hours? Bring out the dolls and toys! I've done it myself in 2011 (see: Double Cowabunga, by Disco Vampire & Friends, or but here Nitro made a super seedy and in my opinion hilarious Cabbage Patch Kids tale of double entendre as The Milkman always delivers the goods!

After gran has died our young protagonist gets educated by their father about how people go to Heaven. From here the curious lad notices how mum spends a lot of time with the local Anchor delivery man, often very late at night and always when dad is not in the picture leading to a fantastic payoff.

Look this is a 'had to be there' type film that more than any other made me wish we had cinema heat screenings this year but it is what it is. I was lucky enough to see it with about 40 other people in person and it absolutely brought the house down with laughter and 'oh my god' loud reactions. A couple of other people I've spoken to who did not see it with a crowd weren't such big fans, and that's ok!

I though the puppetry was really well done for the most part. A hand noticed here and there, sure, but movements were good. The framing was really good, edit smooth and voice work particularly strong to produce the array of characters. Whilst I liked the distinctive Cabbies, the one thing with these dolls that reduced their humanistic touch is they don't have moving mouths, but again I commend you big time for working with what you had. Especially given you also took on Ultra.

The best thing about this was for mine the comedy. It just kept going and going with the seedy milkman jokes to the point that nobody should ever think about using cream/milk analogy jokes in 48 Hours ever again. Not everyone's cup of milk, but I think this is the funniest short Nitro have ever made in the comp. Ratings are high as personal enjoyment was very high. Thanks Tim.

Story: 4.5/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

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