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The Invisible Woman

by Fabled Motion Pictures


Sometimes the best 48 Hours films are just a simple idea, executed to perfection and Fabled Motion Pictures delivered an instant classic here driven by an absolutely sensational performance by our lead actor. A hopeless romantic with an open heart and soul shows that love truly is blind with a pitch perfect date where the connection is based on what he feels rather than what he sees.

Upon arriving at the date and his tinder match not being quite what he thought she would be, her pictures being a little bit misleading, the fact it took him 40 minutes to get there and wears his heart on his sleeve means he decides to give love a chance. The tone is set and whilst he may not know much about science like Daisy does, they both love to dance and have a drink, and form an instant connection.

What a charming film. I never once was taken out of a suspension of disbelief of a frankly ridiculous concept, but one that nailed the invisibility element literally better than any other team so far this year.

Fantastic location, fantastic performance, which I keep saying, but the development from nerves to slipping in the tongue to plucking up the courage to say how he really felt only for THAT ending to be sold so well. Wow.

I loved that you were so assured in the direction of your film. This was not a film with great sweeping camera movements or fast cuts. It was leisurely paced and observational, putting us in a relatable position as viewers in comparsion to the protagonists. With a relatable universal subject matter being handled so well, it also brought the house down with the 40 or so people I watched this with at the heat screening. Brilliant.

Story: 4.5/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

Hi it isn't playing the video properly. It just 'plays' for 20 seconds and the screen picture doesn't change. Is it just me or badly uploaded? Thanks

"The Invisible Woman" is still in competition, Francesca Abady-Kim. At the moment, we're unable upload the full version to the Screening Room.

When the competition is over for our film, this page and link will host the entire picture. Until then, this placeholder exists so those who saw/see it can review it.

Excellent movie. Well shot, well acted and great lighting.

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