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Accessories Not Included

by Champagne & Chop Suey

Only one thing stands in the way of Kenny taking his relationship to the next level. How will he overcome his biggest obstacle?


A front runner I think for AJ's best ending award! This film had a really great atmosphere and an intriguing story, although admittedly it got a little foggy for me around the midpoint on what was actually going on, but it all became clear in the end. Very well done. I think something that could help would be trying to make the dialogue a little more concise, and make the effort to get good clear audio, as that will help audience comprehension a lot.

At a disco, our leading man Kenny has collapsed topless at the bar and whilst initially putting on a brave face, lets his best mate know that he is scared shitless for his upcoming wedding to Barb because of not having done the deed yet. As to why? Well that would be giving the game away, but he needs things to happen before "Heartbeat!" and fast.

But with issues downstairs, this Frodo without the Baggins needs to find a way to get his strings pulled for the sake of his relationship and manhood.

The avoidance of the issue through flashback was particularly well put together, such as dance floor avoidance and simply taking up the small spoon position after rounding a few more bases than normal. I think making fun of small spooning was a little bit iffy myself, but the whole film was very playful and it wasn't done in a particularly mean way at all.

In fact, whilst the glaringly obvious issue of attacking someone's manhood would have been a massive red flag, this film was anything but that. Simply superb conclusion that pieced together all the slightly strange world building that had developed up to that point. Your lead actor surely must be up for best performer consideration. Edit so slick too. Lighting was really good generally which was important with the disco setting, but a handful of scenes were not quite perfect would be my only technical gripe.

Story: 3.5/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 4.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5

An awesome story, awesome location and awesome character.

While the banter is hilarious and the concept is really succinct and well pulled off, I think the best part is probably the concept of the approaching heartbeat, whatever that may mean, looming over the film for so long without any real explanation.

The ending is great too - it's a really interesting film to rewatch and pick up on all the clues, and yet at the same time, enough of the story and art direction is enigmatic that you know from the get-go that there's something weird about this film.

Things you got right: A really funny story with strong lead performances and an ending that'll knock your socks off.

Things to work on for next time: Maybe a little more narrative focus, it feels like we were lost in a sea of never ending dick jokes for a while? But really all this team needs is to keep making stuff, keep getting better. Looking forward to seeing you next year.

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