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Small Fish Big City

by Chess Club 291 views


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

A literal fish out of water movie that makes the most of Dannevirke :) A guy moves to the big city, get a big job and needs to solve a big problem. Well executed as always with some classic laughs in it.

Chess Club - always a treat. This year was no exception. Their literal take on the "fish-out-of-water" genre coupled with an inspired navigation of their 48Ultra requirements results in a fun, visually dynamic short that plays well with the audience. It's about time we saw a fish-person cast in a leading role. Go fish people. Also worth mentioning is the ridiculously intricate team intro which seems to be growing in absurdity and talent each year. You always know you're in for a treat when Chess Club's tiles slide into frame.

Personally I thought this film was great. Fantastic sense of humour and real slick production value, wouldn’t expect any less from Chess Club. Only gripe would be that the story was kind of light, but the film isn’t really about its storytelling. Also the title card at the end kind of justifies that. Also this is my pick for National best song. You heard it here first, folks.

Great script delivered at machine gun pace, great gags. That fish, that song. So catchy!

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