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Somebody Someone Bloydd

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Dragon V Mouse


Dragon V Mouse


Attention Seekers

Great little film. What initially seemed like such a silly premise (I think everyone in the cinema was ready to laugh) turned into quite a serious piece. However I think this actually worked in the film’s favour. This film could’ve so easily crashed and burned and felt like an after school special, but due to the maturity behind the camera, this was avoided. Solid performances and a tight script really did this film a bunch of favours. One of my favourites of the night. Also the performance from the teacher was great. If you told me he’s not a teacher or principal in real life I would just straight up call you a liar.

Saint Mama

Cute wee story. Great cut at the end, also had a good script! Over before it really began!

Small Fish Big City

Personally I thought this film was great. Fantastic sense of humour and real slick production value, wouldn’t expect any less from Chess Club. Only gripe would be that the story was kind of light, but the film isn’t really about its storytelling. Also the title card at the end kind of justifies that. Also this is my pick for National best song. You heard it here first, folks.

Beast Mode

First off, your team intro was one of the highlights of the night for me. Second off, the production value in this short was fantastic, the makeup was awesome and there was some super slick editing. The end felt like you maybe pushed the agenda of the film a little too hard, but the inherent awkwardness in doing so added to the film’s charm. Great job. Really enjoyed this one.

Bloody Chimes

Fun film. Hard to follow in parts, had a bit of a throw shit at the wall & see what sticks kinda feel to it. Fortunately there was plenty that stuck!

The Chronshifting Flux Duck

Actually quite enjoyed this short, great concept for time travel, similar concept to Nickelback’s music video for Savin’ Me, which is a great video regardless of what you think of Nickelback. But this review isn’t about Nickelback, it’s about this time pigeon or whatever. There’s clearly some really clever storytellers behind the scenes and I remember thinking your use of the shadow/silhouette was really nice & felt seamless into the film. The ending for me was so almost perfect that I was a little frustrated. Seeing everyone with their ducks was enough for me, it didn’t need the joke at the end and it didn’t feel like the line landed with the audience super well. Maybe this was what you had planned all along, but it felt a bit like you didn’t have full confidence in the emotion of your ending, and I’m just saying to trust yourself if that’s the case. For such a silly concept, it was handled really well and had 98% a really nice ending. Overall great job.


First things first, a little disappointed to see a team back down from doing Ultra after doing it last year. I totally get it (Ultra was super off-putting last year) but I think I expected a previous national winner to always rise to that challenge. But whatever, who cares. This short totally feels like an episode of Black Mirror, which I assume is what you were going for and that the peeps running the comp were looking for. Some great cinematography and creation of atmosphere in here. I can’t quite put my finger on it, it felt like all the parts were there in terms of story, but they didn’t quite come together in the way I’d hoped. Maybe it's me, but the ending fell a little flat for me, it is hard to show someone falling down the stairs and not having look a little bit silly.