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by Dragon V Mouse


A typical Dragon V Mouse production? Kind of. Good script and nice rising tension into a left-field ending with suitably cheesy effects. I could argue that the body of the film lacks a bit of variety but I respect the minimalist approach. Well constructed as you would expect. Were there meta-references? Probably!

Simple idea that was perfectly chosen for the 3-minute format. And while the idea on paper is interesting, it's the performance of the actress that really elevates this piece, with all her micro-reactions to Mimi's unexpected responses, which are plausible and maybe give some insight into her character without a word spoken.

I'll be honest, I was a bit disappointed when the story took a bit of a drastic turn later on to where it ended up, cos it required a lot of time on spoken exposition, and also strangely de-personalised the story. I think I would have preferred seeing the narrative stay focussed on just the relationship between the two characters, becoming more and more creepy or whatever.

Still, top shelf special effects at the end there to make Roland Emmerich proud.

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