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The Chronshifting Flux Duck

by CockUp Productions 100 views


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

A door to door salesman is trying to sell a Chronoshifting Flux Duck time machine. This was an interesting take on the time travel genre. I don't want to give anything away but it lost me a bit in the cave towards the end but overall quite good.

Actually quite enjoyed this short, great concept for time travel, similar concept to Nickelback’s music video for Savin’ Me, which is a great video regardless of what you think of Nickelback. But this review isn’t about Nickelback, it’s about this time pigeon or whatever. There’s clearly some really clever storytellers behind the scenes and I remember thinking your use of the shadow/silhouette was really nice & felt seamless into the film. The ending for me was so almost perfect that I was a little frustrated. Seeing everyone with their ducks was enough for me, it didn’t need the joke at the end and it didn’t feel like the line landed with the audience super well. Maybe this was what you had planned all along, but it felt a bit like you didn’t have full confidence in the emotion of your ending, and I’m just saying to trust yourself if that’s the case. For such a silly concept, it was handled really well and had 98% a really nice ending. Overall great job.

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