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The Tender Grace

by Cinetrance 837 views


Beautifully shot with nary an issue with the deeply saturated strongly contrasted film from a technical point of view, and every last cent was rung out of the amazing old house this team had access to. Plus they had a beautiful orchestral score. The film itself investigated a murder with several suspects from a tightly knit family. But unfortunately to mine the plot was disappointingly flat and some 48Hours tropes that have been a bugbear of mine for many years reared their ugly head (in particular violence towards women in crime/horror films especially any promiscuous women).

Default Avatar Wavy

Beautiful production values and great location. Costumes lovely and the actors looked wonderful. The build-up and reveal was fine if a little bloodless.

Default Avatar fistfight

I do have mixed feelings about 'The Tender Grace' by Cinetrance. The production values of the film were very high. Details like costume, location and lighting were all great. And well above other 48HOURS films. But I feel all of that goes to waste if the story doesn’t match the quality of the production. I was bored throughout most of the film. The beautiful shots were nice to look at but the plot was weak. A shame because with this much resource, it could have been a great short film.

Default Avatar JoB1Kenobi

With a clearer soundtrack, this otherwise good looking film may have been more engaging.

It was clear that you guys have a super talented team. The cinematography, costuming, acting and location were all super impressive. Unfortunately, I really struggled to hear what the actors were saying and as a result, found it hard to follow the plot.

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