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by I Love Loops 352 views


Fantastic! Several unique animation styles pieced together to tell the dreadful tale of one poor soul. This film has an amazingly surreal and scary atmosphere, with bold visual techniques and and a very well suited soundtrack that draw you right into the horror. Highly recommend watching this. I loved it.

From the team intro to the terrifying boogeyman emerging from the darkness, this film was an absolute pleasure to watch. I loved it. The animation style changes every time the protagonist walks through a door, and while a couple of times it was reduced to still frame storyboards, other times we were treated to beautiful cell shading and extremely smooth cartoon work. The necessary elements of Harper Harrison's thoughtlessness and the "oh really" felt a little shoehorned into what could have otherwise been a completely dialogue-less film. But I guess that's 48 hours. This was my favourite of the heat by far, and it's a shame it didn't even rank third with the audience, though I feel it probably had something to do with the size of the other groups on the night voting for themselves. I would love to see this make it all the way to Nationals, what a joy to watch. I hope you guys return next year.

I'm a fan of this team. I think last year was their first year and they were a city finalist? This year not quite as strong as last year in my opinion but still engrossing and enigmatic. I assume that the way this team works is to write a script and then hand off a scene to a different artist to animate? The only down-side of this method is that some segments are significantly stronger than others, from the art side of things.

Default Avatar Peter McDonald

Wow! Visually stunning. A parade of fantastic and different animation styles strung together cohesively with clever transitions, that come across as smooth and seamless, even when the animation styles don't match up visually. Very well done. Not any one style, even the more crude of the lot, stood out as bad or out of place and you see the talent in each artist... Not that I know much about animation. This stayed true to the horror genre and gave me genuine chills at times, though there were a couple of parts that left me ever so slightly confused as to the why of the thing and whether they were just there to fulfill the requirements, such as with the bread on the floor. Nothing took away from the atmosphere of the film though and I was very pleasantly surprised and excited by this. One of my top picks of the heat and wouldn't be surprised if this went further in the competition.

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