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Glass 88

by Filmsplats 477 views


This film was really good, particularly from a production point of view. Funny, clever, and weirdly relevant with its' themes. Also liked the ironically melodramatic performances. Would have been better if it were just a touch more musical... but it was definitely musical enough to get high marks. Well done :)

Default Avatar RickySplitz

Good movie, made me laugh a fair bit. The news casts were particularly good. Plot was decently original as well. only criticism would be that it wasn't particularly a musical but rather carried elements of the genre within it.

Default Avatar Bayne

Musicals really are hit or miss and this one definitely was a hit. Musical although a little lacking was very funny and it was obvious that the leads could not sing so what they bought to the musical genre was excellent considering. The production value was astonishing with the moon machine being one of the best props I've seen in a 48 hour film. Acting was great, cinematography was great and the entire story just worked. Congrats on a great film!

Default Avatar GilbertW

A sweetly ironic narrative nicely told. By conflating environmental tropes with music, Glass88 gives a knowing wink to the audience to never take things too seriously. Enjoyed the musicianship of Ollie and Oscar, who if they can't sing and dance, at least can sing and play in tune. The shots on the moon were out of this world. Nice camerawork, script, and performances. This film will go far this year.

Default Avatar CrimsonCharles

Hilariously original. Musicals are always a tough genre, and you managed to be a bit creative with the genre given to you. Additionally that moon sequence was just spectacular.

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