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Back to the fuhrer

by Gavelkind 879 views


Very conflicted on this one. I have to give it points for being so funny and pretty well structured/acted (I dare say it would have been amazing if you guys had a bigger budget) , but at times I felt like its' main goal was to offend as many people as possible.

Default Avatar RickySplitz

Best movie on the night, by far gave the most laughs and had the most original content. Was at time perhaps mildly offensive however overall this movie was strong.

Default Avatar Bunnrey

Probably the audience's favorite of the night, Jewish caricatures aside, I wont be surprised (or annoyed) if it wins audience favorite. The cheap production values served only to enhance the humor. It's a shame it ends of a bit of a bung note, you should have really tried to add some punchiness to that end so it could go out with a bang. I can see what you were trying to do with the audio during Hitler's speech, but it only served to sound like he was talking inside a tiny room, taking me right out of the movie.

Default Avatar Snoopy123

Great film, just a hilarious, ridiculous title and concept. The raid scene was so well done and timed. However the film really lacked consistency and the film had real highs and lows in quality, particularly fizzling out at the end. Film Quality/cinematography dropped a bit as well, try to be objective and not afraid to completely cut shots that don't work (like some of the speech bits). Landed loads of laughs though which is what its all about!

Default Avatar Bayne

Great film from the Calvin Sang gang minus the sang. Start really was the highlight of the night with some amazing jokes even though for some they could of seemed offensive. Perhaps the best title for a film ever. Ending was hollow and didn't bring the punch that the start brought but still my favourite of the night. Keen to see more from this group as they develop their comedy style.

Default Avatar CrimsonCharles

Non-stop laughs, period; definitely highlight of the night. This may be one of those films you need to watch more than once to get all the hidden jokes. However, some of the material borders on offensive, and begs the question of whether or not that was their intention? Still though, great effort. Looking forward to future films from this group.

Default Avatar laj13

This film had a brilliantly funny start, with some inspired comedy timing, although somewhat near the knuckle with regard to its subject matter! Definitely the funniest of its group on the night, but its selection for the next stage will depend on whether its caricatures are seen in their correct context.

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