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Kids These Days

by gin joints 1,119 views


Default Avatar Nut Cracker

Well shot, good sound and a fun film to watch with a "small" twist. Really enjoyed it.

I was extremely impressed with the acting and the cinematography along with the witty script. Fantastic job! Laughed more than a few times. Did I mention that the make-up effects were also top notch! Adam - Colonial Tech

Default Avatar Vi from Space Weed Cake

Good dialogues, good acting, good editing, good make-up. Simple little film but efficient! The sound effects were maybe a little bit over the top.

Oooh errr my this was nicely shot. Simple, easy to follow story that opened itself up for several jokes and developments, including an excellent final confrontation when the body hammering away in the boot has made one annoying bump too many. The story revolves around the idea of a couple of crooks; one new, the other a grizzled old-timer, and their need to cover up their tracks. Hence a car is driven out to the middle of nowhere whilst they hatch a plan as to what to do with the child witness they have shoved in the trunk. I'm not going to give anything away as this will probably be in the Wellington final. Solid performances, technically good (I could hear every single line of dialogue crystal clear, for one) and entertaining fare with a surprising amount of blood. Thanks.

A simple concept shot in one location made for a solid film all round from the script, the acting, the cinematography and editing. This was the stand out film for me in this heat.

Default Avatar meeeeeeeee

Kids these Days was very slick, and well crafted. Although the story was simple, and after the twist, predictable, it was executed brilliantly. Best script of the heat, great acting by all, and editing (especially at the brutal ending) was well done, making me cower at every blow! Loved it!

Awesome work guys. Tight, clever and agree with meeeeeeeee - very slick. Sound writing and characterisation nicely balanced humour and gore. Cinematography elegant. A great short, worthy of more than the heats IMHO.

Default Avatar BlueBagel

Enjoyed this one a lot. The young 'thug' was endearing with a standout performance. The blood ect looked proffesional.

thanks for the well scripted & produced film.. and especially thanks for the great sound of this! simpliness of this film really paid off.. it reminded me of transporter and all those serial killer action movies where the serial killer wanted to retire and couldn't pull the trigger anymore.. the dwarf (or pygmy?) showed some real nice action and the ending was terrifying .. for the serial killer that had some nice action reactions there for the big splat point ... priceless! I felt that there was a bit too much juicing up at the start and could have had something more though.. and more importantly story & genre wise.. it had more action bits than any true crime elements... as the crime elements were there only in the dialogue in the beginning.. establishing that they were killers and they had a problem.. something was missing overall great! thanks for the entertainment!

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