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Dead Last

by Pocketmoney Productions 487 views


A zombie athlete with a craving for brains. This film took the classic outsider who trains his way to the top into new territory. A well made-up zombie was put through his paces, before finally achieving his goal and getting the brains. The story built well, making good use of the location and narrative to tell an entertaining tale.

Great production values, great cinematography and some great acting. While some of the jokes may have been cliche and the ending a little obvious, it didn't stop Dead Last from being fun from start to end. Highlight being the floating coach's head around the zombie track runner's face near the end. An inspiration for any zombie out there.

Fun film... Not much more I can say as it played out exactly how I expected it to, which isn't always a great thing.

Most definitely inspirational and a bit of a surprise that athletics or sports in general hasn't featured more this year in the genre given that it is an area with such clearly defined goals. The smart money is on Flash Wilson to clean up at the Wellington athletics meet, but Nicky Brick never stops running for lack of trying. The motivational coach was an excellent supporting actor trying to get it into our undead lead's head that having heart is more important than having brains when running a race. Of course brains help too, if you're a zombie at least. Excellent use of slow motion too. Couple of moments where the production values could have done with a bit of polish but minor points really as I think they were probably deliberately done that way (I'm talking about the floating heads and zombie make up in general)

So good, so very very good. Shane Rangi is the man, he carried the film like a champ. He definitely deserves a nom for best actor. Good supporting cast, especially the coach. Make-up was great, photography and sound were solid. Maybe a smidgeon too long, especially as we could all see where it was going from minute two, but other than that it had good pacing. Perhaps the only real fault was the obvious ending, but this is one of those films where you just don't care because you're enjoying the ride too much.

Default Avatar Dale Cec Wall

Oh man did I love this film! Great acting by Main Zombie and his supporting cast. I love the way the story progressed; you knew what was coming, but it was entertaining to watch it come to fruition. Great direction, a very polished camera work and good use of the setting. Would definately like a re-watch

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