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The Grate Cheese Caper

by Muddyfunsters 221 views


A family affair about a great cheese heist gone wrong. Bit relaxed on locations and art department and casting, but decently shot and the idea was clearly communicated. Didn't quite suit the available cast, but they obviously had fun making it. SWEET team intro!

Another film 'inspired' by Reservoir Dogs, although I felt the use of the infamous Mr. Pink joke (and simply changing the wording to Mr. Colby) to be fairly inappropriate. A bunch of crooks have been told to procure cheese for their boss, but all have various issues getting the dairy product back once they have stolen it. Couple of semi-funny visual gags.

I really liked this film. A nice comedy approach to heist crossed with a little reservoir dogs name humour. A gang of baddies heists a cheese factory but it goes wrong and all the cheese is lost. The cheese loosing is all told through short still frame sequences which I thought worked really well. I also liked the subtle hook up between Bobbi and the guy she bullied as a child. Nice Team intro as well.

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